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Second-Story Walkways

North-south spineWhen the Circle Campus opened in 1965, a broad second-story walkway ran from the north side of Harrison Street all the way to Lecture Center A, where it joined the Great Court above Circle Forum. Beyond the Forum, it continued south to Science and Engineering South. This was the north-south spine of the campus.

For the first thirty years of our history, students moved around the campus via an extensive system of elevated “pedestrian expressways” linking all the buildings. This was Netsch’s original idea to avoid creating an Walkwaysuninterrupted expanse of concrete in the tightly bounded area of the campus. Second-story walkwaysConcrete and slabs of granite, ten by twenty feet and a foot thick, were used in their construction. Down the center of large sections of the walkways Netsch left an opening through which shrubs and trees could grow up, softening the overall effect. Besides transporting people above, the walkways sheltered pedestrians below among “urban trees,” as Netsch referred to the columns supporting Walkways with treesthem. Today only photographs of the north-south walkways remain; a wide sidewalk traces the route.

Under the walkwaysBroad sidewalk





Fate of the Walkways