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Site of Turner Gate

Site of Turner GateA tall concrete pillar bearing the name UIC, once attached to the second-story walkway in this location, marks the site of Turner Gate. When the Circle campus opened in 1965, an eight-foot-high brick wall, punctuated by eight iron gates, surrounded most of the area bounded by Harrison, Halsted, Taylor, and Morgan. Turner Gate was the entry point Turner Gate 1965for those reaching campus via the “L.”

Although outer walls and gates are traditional elements of university design, the surrounding community expressed dismay to find the new University of Illinois campus walled off from the city it was built to serve. Before long the gates fell Campus wallinto disuse, the walls began to come down, and university buildings sprang up beyond the original boundaries. When the gate in this location disappeared, so did the name. Only remnants of the original walls remain.







Jonathan Baldwin Turner