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Lincoln, Douglas, and Grant Halls

Grant-Lincoln walkway in 1965Lincoln and Douglas Halls are named for Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, two great political leaders from Illinois. Grant Hall bears the name of Civil War General and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant.

Like the other Netsch classroom buildings, these three are connected by enclosed walkways. Today the original Netsch walkway still links Douglas to Lincoln, while a more recent two-story glass-enclosed walkway links Douglas to Grant. An original granite bench stands to the left of the entrance to Grant Hall.

Housing the Sandi Port Errant Language and Culture Learning Center, Grant Hall illustrates a striking and important transition to green architecture at UIC.

Lincoln, Douglas, GrantHere Lincoln, Douglas, and Grant are in the foreground, showing their proximity to the Forum. This is just before demolition.





Green Architecture at UIC